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In Manitoba we have held a "Survivor" game for the past couple of years, sometimes the duration has been only 3 days where as other times it was a week.

The idea was that a small group of players "The Survivors" would deploy out into the field and anytime during the 3-7 days people could come out and hunt them 24/7.

On another note, you need to get a very specific type of player to a game that is intended to run for 24 hours+. If even a small number of people decided to leave mid game it results in a sub par game for the people who do remain(throws off team balance and becomes one sided very quickly). This is the exact reason why the last couple of years the Keystone Strike (Which is intended to be a 24 hour game) has always fallen short. This year in place of Keystone Strike we are running Operation Cold Front and it is on an invitation only basis to ensure that we get the quality of players so the game can be played as intended.

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