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Realistically, even if they take a stab at the sport, there's not too much we can do until that happens. Even then there is little to be done.

If you look at airsoft outside ASC, that's what the public sees. To them, it's not a sport, it's not organized, and it's just something that little kids do in their backyards.

I'm skeptical to fully support the idea of going fully public with the sport, but the public ignorance does hurt the community. Hopefully something can happen where we can get a 'happy-medium' of information out about us, just so people don't think we are creepy people who just love to shoot stuff.

Even then, until something is done country wide the sport will be a Grey area. I like the idea of having a PAL/R-PAL to own, and that would also further enforce the 18+ rule.

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