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The perception

That this is a private sandbox for airsofters to play in .. and say what they want and present whatever image they want because "its behind closed doors" is a fantasy

Law enforcement
and the media come here every day .. this is as public as a streetcorner..

I get singled out and contacted by media because I use my real name on this public forum.. I don't labour under the falacy that this place is anonomous.

That said.. I think that forums are best if they are self regulating.. within the confines of clear parameters....

It is easy to be an offensive Boor everyone has that in them... it is harder to be articulate and thougtful...

It comes down to how you personally want to be perceived in public. as it is the collective nature of those cumulative perceptions that determines if ASC is a dumping ground of boorish oafs or a clearing house of all things positive about airsoft shooting sports.
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