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i think its interesting that this is bringing up the larger issue of how we portray our selves to the "outside" world, and how we behave within our own community. i for one was surprised when i joined ASC to see the amount of care that goes into making sure that no one under 18 attains a gun from these boards. but if what some of you are saying is true, and "outsiders" are perusing this forum, with out participating in it they will not see the responsibility that we strive so hard for, they will only see the immature and (to some) crude things that happen here, just for example, how can we claim to be a mature and responsible community when people on these boards have things like "Let's kill then rape them, then use their blood as lube!" in their sigs. i dont mean to point anyone out in particular, just using that as one example in this thread alone. i personally thought it was a funny/weird quote, but the "liberal media" wont, im afraid, and if we are going to be under the microscope like this perhaps we should consider "cleaning up" around here, to improve the perceived image we give off. now im sure you would find the same things on any paintball forum, but they have already achieved public acceptance. its hard enough trying to convince soccer mums and what have you that imitation replica firearms are safe and legal with out having them think we are a bunch of unstable weirdos. we sure as hell cant do anything about the CBC, but we sure can do something about the way we conduct ourselves, and i think that if we have all our ducks in order, we might make a more... positive impression on passers by. just my 2 cents...

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