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Anything green based (olive, woodland, cadpat etc.) really, or black. Black goes with everything.

Also to paint get some primer, and spray paint. Rough up the surface a bit so the paint sticks better, prime it, wait and put on a few (2-3) light coats of the black paint. DO NOT put one heavy coat. In my experience one heavy coat tends to strip and flake off fairly easily.

Also make sure that no one is around if you're testing out in the backyard, doing this stuff in the basement (or a long hallway, or garage) is recommended just so you don't have ERT coming to your door.

I prefer chestrigs more but you don't "really" need genuine stuff do you? It's not like you're going to war, you're pretty much just flinging pieces of plastic at other grown men. Anyways, check out some of the china clone gear that's kicking around there's lots of options, CIRAS, RAV, Tacvest, etc.
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