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Please fill out your profile with your location. Because if i'm right you live in or near Red Deer. And if you do Red Deer is a NO GHILLIE SUIT area. That means that you will have to use your BDU's and the foliage to its best. Your primary should be a pistol. I would recommand a TM hicappa or a KSC glock 19 for this job at minimum.. an MP5 or MP5K from TM would be alot better.

Now having said that, there are some great retailers on these forums that once verifed you can get an MP5. Once you have the MP5 you can then assemble your gear, and then..... buy a sniper rifle. That way you have a reliable primary and have your bolt action.

To summarize:
Get Verified
-Buy a MP5 or pistol
-Buy BDU's, webbing or vest, spare battery, extra mags(at least so you have 200rds for mp5 or 100 for a pistol), someway to carry water(camelbacks work great as do canteens), and boots(your feet will thank you)
-Play a couple games if you bought an MP5.
-Assess what you want to do.
-If you still want to buy your sniper rifle do so at this point.
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