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Here is what a typical milsim feel like when you are a sniper.

What you will need to wear to do your job:

- Light webbing filled with mags, lots of water, food, compas, map, radio...
- Sniper rifle
- probably a set of binoculars.
- ghillie suit customised for the field.

Now, your mission will probably be doing some interdiction on a trail or doing advanced recon. Sometime they call you up for hard to do shots (that 80% of the time, are impossible to do with your rifle anyway because they are beyond 400fts and people thing you can pull it off)

So, you head off to your assigned zone with your spotter. If you are lucky, he's a fellow experienced sniper. If your not, it's just a dude with an AEG, or worst, a support weapon like a M249.

You arrive in the erea. You get down on all 4 and crawl to your position. 100 meters and 1h later (yes... it's fucking hard and long!) you are in your hiding spot, undetected.

Did I mentionned it's summer, 25 degrees celsius, it has rained all week before and the humidity is suffocating. You crawled trough wet grass in the shades and you are not very hot and wet. You can barely breath close to the ground, because of the close to 100% humidity. Your ghillie suit is trapping all that heat on your body and you can't take it off, because you will be seen.

So, 1h later, you spot some ennemie players going down the trail you are observing. You report it to your HQ. It take you several tries, because the comms are not very well maintaned, players at the HQ are too busy comparing dick sizes and showing off their new AEG parts they ordered last week... You finaly get your info trough and you are ordered not to engage and report if you see any changes.

You spotter is spotted, because he does not have a ghillie and was seen. He get into a firefight and die. He go back to respawn at the base. You are left alone, surrounded. The ennemie is now making a large skirmish line to flush you out of the erea. They fire randomly at all the likely spots you could be hinding in.

You have to carefully and slowly extract from the erea. Doing so in a low crawl. Somebody walk too close for confort to you. He's about 75 feets and he has a LOS on you. You shoot him in the chest. He call HIT and you are now spotted. You have to RUN like hell, while BBs start snowing on you. You die.

That's how a typical sniper mission feel like when you are new. You get close to no kills, you waist a lot of time and energy and you die acheiving little.

If you still think the sniper job sound fun, attend a sniper clinic. You will get lots of info on the job and you will get to do it. After that, you will be able to see if you still like it.

I've seen a lot of people purchase and upgrade sniper rifles. Very very few are still using it, because it's a dedicated role that require a LOT of dedication. Most people just want to move, shoot and play in teams. You can't do that being a sniper.

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