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Originally Posted by Jamiew View Post
Thanks to both! Darklen-I tried e-mailing them, but the E-mail won't send? Says it's not a valid E-Mail address?
Have you had luck contacting them?
Their prices are in USD, which leads me to think they are a US firm? Any "Replica" grenade would be siezed at the border....

Thoughts or comments welcome....
I have the AI Tornado grenades in stock.

Let me know if you are interested.

Price is $99.95 + tax for the grenade

AI is finalizing the distraction device conversion kit, but the price is fairly low cost, and is louder than the madbull stun grenade. The final cost for the grenade and the DD kit will provide you with a solution that provides flexibility on what function you require for your operation for way less than the cost of two different grenades.

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