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I have had over 25 various Airsoft rifles in both AEG and Gras/Srping Long Rifles used in a sniper role. I agree that you should at a AEG for your first airsoft Rifle. but on that note, you could look at going with a SPR/A or M25 for an AEG. It will give you a base platform to build a customized AEG for MOC Sniper work, however will also alow you engage against AEG in more heated battles.

To figure out what will be a good role rifle, try going to a field and rent a gun. Get a feel for it. See if it is a role you want. Going out as a long Range Marksman, is going to have everyone looking to put a few rounds off your vest. If you dont have experience on the field, a straight bolt action is going to give you a bad taste for a kick ass sport. However, if you get the AEG you game it as a Rifle man, and you get the option to take your well placed every round counts game to the field.
So go out, might cost you a few dollars to rent a game riffle, but it will be a lot cheaper than the $1600 bolt action that you will never get your money for if you decide to sell it because the game was slow.
Here are some samples of mutli-role AEG That i would recommend.
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To make a sniper rifle fire better than an AEG you're looking at over $1000 in aftermarket upgrades.

Start with an AEG.
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