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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
He wants a sniper rifle, I'm not gonna tell him not to, he is hard set on getting one, so let him. Broken record telling him not to for a first gun, has a pistol to use as a primary anyways................... why is it I'm one of the very few that played my first game with a sniper rifle (and an M11A1)? Oh ya, I'm me. Sheesh!

Maruzen L96 is better and cheaper to upgrade then the TM VSR10 Gspec, the latter has sear issues that literally will snap even upgraded sears if you put a 400fps+ spring in it. Mauzen will always be better, and more solid too. I have a CA M24 that I can know trees down with, and have fallen on it, absolutely the most rock solid rifle available to the airsoft world. And it takes common upgrade parts.
Thanks , how was starting as a sniper? Hit me up with what it was like please. If I am to get a sniper I am still unsure of which I will be purchasing.

Where can I buy upgraded parts.

Also, thanks Rock`N`Rolla for your significant amount of help, I appreciate you spending your time to help a noob like me.
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