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Look in the FAQ section or use the search button to late the list of age verifiers, or look around and find someone in your area with the tag "AGE VERIFIER" under their avatar.

As for the Kraken, if you have a Bass Pro Shop near you they deal with Aftermath products. Once you get age verified you can also find lots of retailers that sell them, as well as people selling one used.

With your price range of about $350 you can get a decent starter AEG from the classifieds. Of course the most basic setup with be an M4/M16 variant as parts are readily available, alot of gear for them and great starter guns. Just try to stay away from lower end clone brands as they may seem like a good deal but they are money pits. Might as well save some money by spending a little more initially for a decent brand. Try to stick to brands like TM, CA, ICS, G&G, JG, and things of that nature.
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