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Originally Posted by Darin View Post
Hello, I am a new person to airsoft. Well, more so I own one gun. A pistol. Some of my friends have been nagging me to get into airsoft, so I thought, why not? Personally I've always likes sniping, and laying back in bushes. I plan on playing outdoors mainly. So to get to it, I've been looking at two snipers. This being my first sniper I need some feedback.
First thing first, a sniper is a soldier using a precision rifle and using special field craft techniques and tactics.

You should say a sniper rifle. Unless you plan on buying/hiring a sniper to do the work for you.

Whatever you plan on buying, you'll need to spend the same amount of money you paid for the rifle in upgrades parts. If you buy the real brand name, as TM or Maruzen, you'll have a nice base to start your upgrades.

Both rifles are good and should cost about the same when completed.

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