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L96 or VSR-10

Hello, I am a new person to airsoft. Well, more so I own one gun. A pistol. Some of my friends have been nagging me to get into airsoft, so I thought, why not? Personally I've always likes sniping, and laying back in bushes. I plan on playing outdoors mainly. So to get to it, I've been looking at two snipers. This being my first sniper I need some feedback.

L96 vs VSR-10

Some things I know so far... The L96 often has hop-up issues, and some stuff is sometimes misplaced inside. (<--- Using the word stuff is proof of my failness)

So I thought about it. I like the look of the L96, and the power of it too. But it has so many issues, its got tough parts to find upgrades for.

The VSR-10 is a Marui Clone. (Fail spelling I'm just going to have to assume)

I hear its good, and sturdy. Well, I was going to buy from:

^ Their warehouse is located roughly 30 minutes from my house. Mabye a bit more. Shipping won't take long, its locally owned and so on and so forth. The VSR-10 is $220.00 with a aluminum scope thats 3-9x40, as well it includes 2 mags, both with a cap of 30 bbs. I hear .20 is good for the VSR so I will order some of those. So $220.00, plus $45.00 for a Bi-Pod, well...Is a Bi-Pod worth the extra cash? It comes with some bbs.

The L96 is $320.00. It includes the same 3-9x40 scope, also 2 mags, some bbs, however it does include the bi-pod.

Can I get some feedback. I originally wanted the L96, but I'm really veering off to the VSR now. Please help
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