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For my own view, I keep making the link from airsoft to hockey, a full-on Canadian sport that is loved my families across the country. Hockey has inherent violence (and in most cases much more genuine than in airsoft), heavy duty gear, fast moving projectiles, and large, potentially dangerous weapons (sticks).

In a crime-based situation you could do some serious damage with hockey sticks. I'm actually thinking about that lady in the video/preview that was so scared when the bad guys came in with what I'm assuming must have been replica firearms. She probably would have been just as scared if a couple of guys came in swinging hockey sticks.

As a potentially dangerous weapon, should we ban hockey sticks? Wouldn't they be safer to society if they were made of foam instead of hardwood? Canadians would revolt. It might be the only time people in this country actually got truly angry.

There are so many examples of easy-to-acquire weapons: the machetes Tom mentioned above, or axes/chainsaws at Cdn Tire, etc etc. But it always comes down to the same thing - it's not the weapon, it's the crime. Don't commit crimes with any weapons - full stop. I can understand the frustration of the police as they're trying to put the bad guys away and they keep getting away with crime. So it seems like an easy target to go after the law-abiding 'good' owners of guns - but it's misdirected.

It's good to hear that the CBC crew thought it looked like fun and wanted to come back. They did seem like they were trying to do a 'fair and balanced' story, and I'm really hoping that wasn't just an act to soften us up!

hockey sticks situation is true, but look at it this way, ive never seen a crime been done by a hockey stick, and there not made out of hardwood only those crappy tire ones are, there composites very strong ones,
plus composite sticks flex alot if u ever watched disc channel (sport science if i recall the show was) they showed a baseball bat would hurt a heck of alot more, and a stick less because it flexes and bouces back off, anyways dint mean to go off topic

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