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1. Wait out your 2 months and then get age verified.
2. Use this time to get your gear and kit together...which makes getting a rifle look cheap and easy.
3. Keep tabs on the local games...PM/talk to the host. Get info on how the game is run and what they think are essentials for it.
4. DON'T RUSH INTO BUYING AN AEG...especially if your budget is tight...use your time now to research (not just ask your questions on the forum and expect people to spoon feed you info...but actually do your own research) you can zero in on what you want when you get access to the other areas of the forum.
5. Once you can get to a game (most are 18+), post up about renting an AEG....that way you might be able to try different ones out before you plunk down $$$ on one. Also, most guys are very decent...and if you're not an arrogant, whiny, cluesless annoyance...most will be open to answering questions and showing off their stuff.

Do all that...and you'll be set in 3 months...broke and trying to figure out if you can survive by eating bbs because you can't afford food...but you'll be up and running for games...
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