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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Trust me, my assault team at BW2 consisted mostly of noobs who had never played before. Most had no idea how their gear even worked and were having all kinds of problems. As a result, they were getting wiped out nonstop. Was the shittiest time I ever had playing airsoft until I joined up with the rapid deployment force later in the day.
I agree. I was on a small squad later in the day with Nierbee and a couple of others. We went around the south side into what we thought was Canadian territory. Met up with Wildcard who was perched up in a tree, on his own, with one of his Pigs.

In about 30-45 odd minutes, we encountered about 3 or 4 different Canadian squads looking for a fire fight. Clearly noobs! They thought they could surprise us and out gun a pig up in a tree, 3 upgraded and tuned m4/16's and an SMG's. After picking off a few of them I think a couple of them tried to rush us which failed. Another group of them took immediate cover when they got close and then disappeared. We thought they were still hiding so we kept firing at some bushes. They literally ran away. LOL!!

Even though it was late in the day, I really don't think they understood what to do. They seriously could have used some smaller milsim experience and skirms.
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