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Guys, I don’t know how this works in Canada but in my country we have an Organization like NRA that fights for us. Everybody is giving donations and paying an annual fee to keep it going. We pay about CAD25.00/year. The President of this organization is always in touch with the Gun Department and with politicians.

We had a problem like this one, two weeks ago. The biggest TV channel said BS about BB guns and a politician said another BS about banning BB gun because of its “criminal” use etc… the next day the President from this Org. went there to speak with the politician, the following day, the ban project was withdraw.

Yes, an Organization like this requires money, but everybody is supporting them. Guns stores donates, shooters donates, people from airsoft donates etc…

This Org started in 2004 when the Government tried to ban the right to own real guns. Fortunately after the referendum we had, 65% of almost 200 millions peoples saying NO to the ban. Fortunately we had this Organization to fight for us.

Like I said, I don’t know how this things works here in Canada, but if this is possible in Brazil, I’m sure that this is possible in Canada.

The sad thing about this issue here in Canada, is that I used Canada as an example of developed country where people could play airsoft. I used Canada example when I went to the Brazilian Gun department to present airsoft and to ask for a regulation. It took 5 years after this meeting to have the regulation, but now people can import, can buy airsoft in the new local stores and can play.

This is a real story and this is my opinion.

But like I said before, I don’t know how this things works here in Canada. Sorry if I said something stupid for you guys.
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