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Originally Posted by Dragate View Post
why do you all talk like you've tried it.
Um... because I read ASC on a daily basis? So yea... I kind have tried to read the forum
Big corporate comapnies that have forums are well edited and well contained, muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better than the current grey/blue. To be honest, from a web developer's view, it's a big mess, really hard on my eyes. I can assure you when I make this, all your minds on this will change, not implying you are ignorant, but you know...
And for every one you say is good I can probably find 10 corporate examples that suck ass. And lets not forget big corporations employ entire media firms to develope their forums. Last time I check, ASC was done by unpaid volunteers. And yes you are implying that I'm ignorant. Out of the 6 forums I regularily frequent, ASC is the 2nd best organised and the easiest one to physically read.

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