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I don't have much faith in the CBC doing anything but presenting the typical liberal media viewpoint, but, the story would get done regardless. At some point we have to put our stake in the ground and take a stand and defend our position.

I have not seen the story yet, but, if it does become a negative, I suggest we make a collective rebuttle on it. We are not powerless. We have a lot of talent on this board for writing, for graphics, and for video, and we now have YouTube, so we have our own way to broadcast our own message. I would start with the vested interests that CBC typically defends and I would go as far as to ask to interview the reporter. I would pay money to see Morbius and this reporter in the same room for 5 minutes. He'd rip her story to shreds.

I hope to be happily surprised but I doubt I will be.

EDIT: You know, in the future we should be videotaping the interviews these reporters make and make our own report on the report. It would be great to have your own footage of the interviews to rebutt with. And if they refuse to allow it, then they don't get their interview.
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