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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
It's airsoft in Canada. I can count on one hand actual "tactical" teams that are going to push really hard and may scare noobs
That's not really what I meant. What I mean is that before jumping into a large 200+ person game, it's better to get a bit of experience under your belt so that you know how to actually work with your team and have an idea of how your gun and gear actually performs in-game. It's a real bitch figuring something like that out for the first time in a large game like BW.

Trust me, my assault team at BW2 consisted mostly of noobs who had never played before. Most had no idea how their gear even worked and were having all kinds of problems. As a result, they were getting wiped out nonstop. Was the shittiest time I ever had playing airsoft until I joined up with the rapid deployment force later in the day.
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