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must have been a slow news day for them, no shootings or killings by 'real guns'. find the next best thing and sensationalize it right through the roof. the general public has no idea of the differences between a real or toy/fake/replica and they really dont care. to them, 'it was a big black gun!'

ever notice how most canadian news programs will show a hand gun or perceived fully automatic weapon as the graphic to begin their news snipit? when you watch, turns out it was a hunting rifle or shotgun. we all know how easily concealable and illegal they are to own!

if they want to practice pseudo and inaccurate journalism, i hear news of the world and other gossip rags are looking for experienced reporters. having said all that, i will watch the program and give it a chance to explain their point of view. more to follow.



having missed the above postings while watching the proffered link, dont think for a minute that they wont turn that smile and supportive dialogue into a pretzel to make their point! how do you think they managed to get in the door in the first place? certainly not by saying 'we are doing a piece on the toy/fake/replica gun problem thats behind the rash of robberies lately.' in some respects, we are as ignorant about what is going on in our country as our neighbours to the south are. cant trust elected officials nor the media, its the mushroom theory in all its glory. 'keep them in the dark and feed them plenty of bullshit.'


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