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The upgrade is so easy. I've done about 5-6 of these upgrades so far and they take less than an hour. Lately, they have taken me longer as I've been modding the 490 motor (or both in a couple cases).

I've done 3 in the last week.

Basically, here's the break down:

1) Remove the gearbox from the gun. This requires you to remove the selector, bolt catch and pull the EL-001 out of the gun and disconnect it. Remove the 2 screws holding the gearbox in the body, and lside the whole gearbox straight up and out of the gun.

2) Remove the 5 screws on the gearbox shell. They are likely thread-locked, so it takes some force. Split open the shell, and remove the trigger. Install the 2008 trigger and spring. Close up the gearbox and re-install it into the gun body.

3) Remove the buffer cap and pull out the old EL-003. Remove the grip by removing the 4 grip screws and pulling off the endplate and sliding the grip straight off. Desolder the motor leads and pull the wires straight out of the body. This will free up the old EL-003.

4) This you may or may not want to do, depends on your situation. If your motor is a 490 and is good, leave it. If you want to replace the motor, drive out the 2 pins holding it in (they go it 1 from each side), and turn the motor 90 degrees and slide it out. Instal the new one the same way you pulled the old one out, but put the red terminal post on the new motor towards the front of the gun.

5) Put the new EL-003 into the buffer tube first, then, with the gunflipped motor-up, slide the longer motor wire (+) thriugh the right-hand hole, and the shorter wire thriugh the left hand hole. Tin the motor leads, do not cut them. Solder the longer wire to the red terminal (not the brush hood!!) by making a short 90 degree bend at the very end of the wire. This makes it closely follow the top of the motor end-bell. Make a sharp bend as well in the other motor lead, and solder it to it's terminal with the wire pointing towards the brush hood. This will make them easier to bend when it comes time to re-install the grip.

6) Run the control cable for the electronics and hook up the EL-001 and install it. Now, this is the part where everybody it seems has trouble. You must run the wires precisely and in a specific way or there is going to be damage to them. The selector board gets connected first, then the 4-wire cable. You bend themup between the boards as you slide them in, carefully, and gently. When the board slides almost all the way in, it will get tough. Don't force it, be firm, it will go it. Run the 4-wire along the side of the shell in the supplied channel, and install the plastic cover. Using a wooden Q-Tip (you should have these for a PTW and are available at London Drugs), push the wiring down low in the body and follow the gearbox screw over to the buffer tube opening. This is important, otherwise you will clip them when you install the upper. Once this is done, install the buffer cap and make sure that you have installed the selector.

7) Test it. I usually leave off the bolt catch for this, and use my finger to push down on the switch. If it works, great, put the bolt catch back on and you're done. If not, if the sector gear runs backwards, desolder the motor and flip it around (that happened to me once when a motor had the polarity mis-labelled). If it still doesn't work, well, you have to try to find the problem. Install the new 2008 motor endplate and put the set-screw back in. This is important!!! Installing the 2007 endplate will cause you to short-circuit your electronics via the motor brushes!!

If I had known you wanted pics, I could have taken them at several stages of this process yesterday.

If you have trouble with this, let me know.
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