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Originally Posted by Rinaldi_M4 View Post
thanks for the help in my decision, i went with the kranken btw, but only bad thing i hear about it is the battery n some parts need replacing, anything i can do to make it last long n perform good?
Easy answer, you don't. It's sorta like going to the dollar store, picking up a pack of their batteries and go I want to make these perform like a Duracell.

Good choice however. I got a Kraken for my friend to use for now as a loaner type of thing except chances are he'll pay me back in full for it and it shoots hard, seems durable and is relatively accurate. However, I believe there's a thread on ASC somewhere on upgrades you SHOULD do on a Kraken to make it game worthy. And I happened to have found it. I was told to stay VERY VERY far away from TF16's as I was told they were useless except for maybe even parts if I really needed them although my initial opinion on them was that they weren't bad.
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