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Originally Posted by Galody View Post
hey all i just bought a aftermath AK-47 from Velocity arms, awesome gun, nice solid and a great price. well i wanted to say hi, there is no introduction section so i am posting it here. well lets see i am from toronto, ontario. i have never played a game of airsoft or shot a bb long rage but that will change at defcon on 22nd hoping to meet some or most of you there. well i will try to go easy on you guys :P (j/k).

P.S try not to pwn me too hard
Edit: also i was wondering if i could get my account verified. Karnage made an appealor post or w/e u guys call it Thanks )
make sure you downgrade that kraken if you need to before bringin it to defcon, field limit is 350 fps w/.20's
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