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Originally Posted by FlyGuy View Post
No mention of pricing yet, at least not that I could find on RA-Tech. Seems like an interesting approach to allow "hot" gas guns to be dialed-down to acceptable levels, esp. for the indoor crowd. At least one only has to replace the bolt and not the entire assembly including the carrier so that's not so bad I guess. Although I do believe that as you lower the FPS, the percent of gas directed into recoil goes up, resulting in a harder thwack for the internals to deal with. Hope they're reliable and sturdy enough...??

Airsoft's turning out to be almost as expensive a proposition as aviation and I don't even get to leave the ground!

this new bolt just has a means of adjusting how much gas goes forward, it shouldnt make any changes to the gas going towards the blowback section.
they removed the flute valve compleatly and reversed the spring in the new one.

the collar that is twisted simply reduces the openning towards the front.
once the BB leaves the barrel, the difference in pressure sucks the valve forward sealing the barrel and sending the gas into the blowback. it's a much better system since you dont need the BB to sit right on the nozzel.

there is far less chance of a missfire(gun recoils and loads a second BB into the hopup)/missfeed, since as long as there is a BB in the barrel somewhere causing back pressure, the valve will stay open untill the barrel is cleared.
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