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Ohhh.... That was a bad thing to say. You should NEVER be stopped by cops. If you are then you're doing it wrong. It's fine and all to play on a secluded farm with the neighbours knowing what's going on and being fine with it and police knowing what's going on so they don`t have to send in ERT to find out it`s just a bunch of guys playing with toy guns. (If a bystander does walk over and see you guys and call the cops I believe they are mandated to check it out and they'll only send one cop to check it out since they know what's going on rather than having to send a full ERT team decked out with everything and wasting money)

Also depends who you play with and what the kind of playstyle is in your area, it can go anywhere from speedball to full out milsims and reenactments. Mostly it's tactical skirmishes and "woodsball" kind of games though.
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