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This forum is alot more live than I thought, thanks for all the replys - me and my buddys are hopefully going to the event in Toronto tomorrow. Also it was Army Issue like buddy over here said, he's the one who told me about the Zombie game. Small store on the corner with its own flag lol and he has a pretty jokes dog too. Also I'm not thinking its like Call Of Duty either, truthfully only reason I wanna get into it is to prepare myself for Marshal Law - this whole 2012 thing has got me all nervous lol no I'm joking, I just have a few of those BB guns from Walmart that are clear and played with my buddys in a forest near my house. Cops stopped us all the time, but only to tell us that their "illegal" than let us keep playing lol Also, how intense do these games get? Like, do alot of people show up, get all tacticle about it?
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