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So long story short I've been out of the airsoft scene for a few years and sold all my gear and moved on to other things.

I'm doing a photoshoot for a local special effects makeup artist and we're going for a Mr. and Mrs. Smith themed shoot. This will take place indoors at a private residence in vancouver/lower mainland somewhere.

A quick list of what I'm looking for: decked out CQC weapons, some brass, dummy rounds, real steel mags.

If you guys are interested I'll get a more detailed list. I'm not some newbie going for a cool photoshoot. I'm currently a 4th year student at Emily Carr looking to help out a professional makeup artist. If you want to see my previous work (which is not airsoft related) PM me and i'll forward you my portfolio.

[edit] if I use your equipment you're welcome to sit in on the shoot

PM me - Vancouver Op-For/BCAC
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Quite the thread; seen the return of Savage Haggis and the end of an empire.
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