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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Pure silicone oil (like RC shock oil) won't cause rubber/silicone to bloat no matter what weight; if that happened, there was something else in the oil, or it wasn't silicone oil.

You also mentioned Crossman Pellet Gun oil or something at some point (your typing makes my head hurt so I'm not inclined to go back to check); that stuff will also cause bloating, its meant to help fix small leaks on heavy duty o-rings (the kind used in CO2 guns).
Sorry about my typing.

Thanks for the info on the crosman soft air lube. I suspect it was because the oil was arisol, but honestly I didn't have any problems until i used the crosman oil.

here is a question and a statement , not necessarily in that order.

I know all the numbers of the parts i need for my gun but cant find anyone who sells the individual parts. I probably could buy them from ksc but I cant read japanese or even install the language pack on my crappie computer. Does anyone know where i can get the individual rubber parts?
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