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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
Yep, you fucked up.

The guys at AI are really good people, I'm sure (positive, as in %100) that you made a mistake while ordering the adapter from them, and if you had followed up with some research, you would have known what weight silicone oil to use.

If you've fucked the seals, there are not many places other than the manufacturer to get them, most people open the mags and use different methods of liquid sealers.

So here, go buy new mags, they are NOT restricted.
they are good people but is till haven't gotten my goods. they took 3 months to send them to me, then they said they sent them to me , tracked the order and it said it was delivered successfully. i told them , they asked to confirm my address, i did, postal code was wrong but like the guy at canada post said it still should have gotten to me cause both postal codes deliver to my place. i told them there was some confusion over a typo in my address to reconfirm, they never got back to me.

yah the lube i should have done my research, i asked a few times on here what to use, i went with the gun gas gus lube, never go tot me asked for another option. musta bought the wrong stuff. (ie heavy duty) LOL! its not just the mag seals that are gone . its all the rubber components in my gun, including the barrel seal and the slide seals.

ty for the help

bought 2 mags.

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