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Originally Posted by Tankdude View Post
You can use full loads with supressors. It reduces the muzzle report of a 5.56 to the level of a loud .22. The round is still super sonic so you don't lose any performance of the bullet. The rate of fire actually goes up due to greater back pressure.

The main problem is that they can be dirty. Very dirty.
DUDE, new info that rocks.....Thank you. So now it's obviously time for me to research some updated subject material.
The last thing I was up to date on* was a small company changing some AR internals to a "silent" roller bearing system, changing or tweaking something in the gas return system, and using 5.56 sub sonic ammo. The result was something that sound like a crossman BB gun, but had lethal stopping power out to 300 yards.

*Some time just before Surefire started to manufacture silencers.


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