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Originally Posted by yourinmuhcrosshairz View Post
WOW! really? i posted this looking for good feedback, my last post was garbage and so i did this to try to improve, what does age have to do with anything? sorry that i dont know enough about airsoft to tell that the barrels of mb03 and vsr10 are different, at least im smart enough to know that i wouldnt know what im doing if i took at apart. are you always this negative Skladfin
This is not ShortyUSA. Good reviews on ASC post detailed information which can't be found with a 5 second Google search. You've drawn no conclusions from detailed experience with the gun. Posted no pictures of your gun, with examples of the pro's and con's you've listed, and the only picture you do have is of a stock photo from either the manufacturer or another gun all together.

Skladfin is in the right to be negative, why should you expect positive comments about something that took no time to write and with no research or explanation?

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