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Originally Posted by cranium_bear View Post
well gun gas never did send me the stuff i paid for , and i was all ready to sell my gun, even had a buyer, then i watched the vid of the gun in action again to relive the feelings of aw and stuff and then i just couldn't sell my gun. i mean i couldn't. i tried, i tried hard. so i just went and bought an adapter from someone else. problem now its i had one day of fun with it and now all the seals are swollen cause i used to heavy a silicone lube in it.
Yep, you fucked up.

The guys at AI are really good people, I'm sure (positive, as in %100) that you made a mistake while ordering the adapter from them, and if you had followed up with some research, you would have known what weight silicone oil to use.

If you've fucked the seals, there are not many places other than the manufacturer to get them, most people open the mags and use different methods of liquid sealers.

So here, go buy new mags, they are NOT restricted.

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