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Well MB03 Sniper

First off, this gun is great, but nothings perfect, so i will give you pros and cons.

Starting with the pros:
-Very upgradable! almost (if not all) vsr 10 parts will go with this gun.
-Accurate! If you pick the right weight BBs you'll hit a bullseye 90% of the time!
-Very good weight, feels just like a remington!
-Powerfull! I poor mans chrono'ed it and it came out at around 450 FPS. Hopefully my friend is bringing his madbull chrono over and ill post the real results.

and now for the cons:
-Stock feels toyish and is very shiny
-Mags break fast (but theyre only 5-15 $)
-Bolt will need to be lubed!

dont use .20s i recomend .25 and up.
If youre looking for a good sniper at a good price, buy this!

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