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Originally Posted by Tapout View Post
What up guys, me and a few of my buddys (six of us) have been getting pretty bored of Call Of Duty and wanna get into Airsoft'ing?
Just thought I would mention this incase there are any ideas to the contrary. DO NOT for the love of god think airsoft is ANYTHING like playing a first person shooter. Anyone who goes into airsoft thinking it will be like CoD or Counter-Strike ends up completely hating their experience.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a kick-ass, wallet unfriendly outdoor hobby with a good community to boot, than welcome to Airsoft in Canada. I recommend you go to a local game and especially the TACC09 event coming up. You'll meet tons of great people, be able to check out gear and guns first hand, and get AV'd so you you have access to the classifieds on the site here.

I should also mention airsoft is in a very grey area of the law in Canada and due to the fact our country is overrun by soccar moms and people who think those of us that play airsoft are training for a terrorist militia, only ever play at sancationed events or a truely private field. Never in public view.

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