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Higher end AEGs if you mean Tokyo Marui, in Japan they have a FPS limit hence why their stock FPS tends to be lower

IF YOU think anything lower than 400 FPS (.20g bb) is bad get someone to shoot you with your gun at 400 FPS from 10 feet without any gear on and just a sweater. Definitely not pleasant and I have seen after game reports of chipped teeth and stories of BBs embedded in skin

Don't really need 400 FPS maybe in outdoor fields since the engagement distance tends to be further and there are leaves and sticks in the way.

350 FPS indoors is the max and even at 350 FPS (.20g) can still pierce skin. Most of the time you really only need 300 to 330 FPS in indoor games as thats enough to create a nice welt.

I would say a FPS between 340-350 is a optimal amount lets you play in many indoor fields as well as in the bush you just use heavier BBs to cut through the leaves and people will still feel it. Trust me I asked the same question as you last year
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