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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Hehe, all good.

Oh, BTW, I should come clean, I've been using 0.12g BBs for years............ the red ones sold at Walmart. I load 10-20 (depending on the mag capacity, I have 30rd to 90rd mags) with the 0.12g first, then top it up with 0.28g BBs. Let's me know when my mag is about low, the red 0.12g overhopping and the sound change of my MP5s firing (sound is thinner with a bit higher pitch)..................... and have actually gotten some kills with them too. It also prevents your gun from getting damaged from dry firing. No harm to my AEGs from using them though, but is because I don't use them that much.
now we know, when the reds are flying, pop out and take your ass out while mid mag change. plus, with the .12's, chances are higher that you won't get us.
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