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I've installed 5 of those FET units and trust me - ur gonna mess it up at least once on a V2 mechbox unless ur intimately familliar with them - even then its dicey on the V2 cos u have hugely limited wiring space inside there an they can be tricky with the exess wiring u need to cram in there. I eventually found that u had to really modify the mechbox casing to remove the positioning stubs that held the wires down and even then it was a crazy tight squeeze - however saying that if its a front wired V2 its gonna be alot easier than a rear :-P

Also I'd check a couple things first - if ur using a small type batt it can cause resets on the unit if u use a high torque/speed motor - tried it with a systema magnum and u have no idea the hell it causes. Also i'd switch to deans connectors to allow a more freely flowing current or u may have issues in colder weather with the unit reading the battery as too weak to funtion even if it's fine.

if ur up for a bit of work though i recon its worth it
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