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The AKS74U is really sweet. Over time, I've had and parted ways with 3 AK's so far...they just weren't my thing. But this one is different...just plain bad a**.

The CYMA rebrand is solid, decently assembled (and I can be pretty picky), and is very "pointable" as is. No need for rails, fancy grips or anything like that.

I don't know how it'll hold up...but it seems solid. I'll dive into the mechbox in a couple of weeks.

So following Ancorp's designations...
AK 74 = 5,45x39 mm round
S = folding this case a left side folder
U = shortended

and since this one has a side scope/red-dot mount...I suppose it's really a

AKS74UN...did I get it right?

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