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well coming from an airsoft VET - we played with these things in scotland in loadsa games and we had no issues with them - superb guns for the price u pay - in fact they were hella cheaper too but thats the canadian airsoft economy for ya lol - get ur wallet burned every time :P hehe, but at least its consistent!

ALSO... contrary to what alot of people on here have said I ordered one from and literally recieved it the next day in the post. Can also safely say that I'm delighted with it - Can't say that they do good all the time but any of the guys i know that have ordered have had no problems - just don't try using anything under 0.28's and yer fine on the accuracy side - ok so yer FPS suffers but any good airsofter will tell ya that FPS and accuracy have very little to do with each other - just cos a ball goes faster don't mean its gonna go straighter.

One tip for this gun tho - make sure u give the barrel a good soak in silicone oil then wipe it out - cheap manufacturing processes mean they cut out the good old fashioned oil bath and u wouldn't believe what that does for performance. Also go in and tighten up the outer/inner barrel support grub screw or u'll be watching ur hop change horizontal pitch sometimes.

Out the box the gun is great but if u want that little extra from it then just clean and tighten it up. And just in case ppl, ur reading this from a guy who used to own the original version, and although i will defo agree that it is lightyears better, as clones go this is top notch :P and as somebody said - upgradabillity is pretty damned good

For the guy that asked the question in the first place - if u buy or have bought this gun then its a damned good little gun but thats just my own opinion - make up ur own mind and let the beurocratic idiots (the very few of them) on here argue amongst themselves - u'll soon learn that asking a question on here is like stirring up a bloody hornets nest then painting ur ass with honey and wagglin it in their general direction lol.

so good luck and welcome to airsoft canada lol
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