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What's an Ak-74

Hey all, (This comes in 2 sections, first on the AK74, 2nd on the Dragunov)
So, im waiting for my cm042 to come, and am looking into my next gun (maybe)
Its an AK74, but its the short one,
like this :
not this :
But since i love the Kalashinov series, im gonna ask a few questions.

1. Whats the U,N,S,M, and other letters that someones appear behind the AK74's name mean? (example : AKS 74 UN or Full Metal AK-74M)
2.What are the cosmetic/phyical differences between the 47,74, and 105?
3. Anyone know of an AK74, short version, with real wood/quality imitation wood, and a sliding stock like the one here? :
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