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Originally Posted by Zelos View Post
well thanks you for the information, the black SCAR-L from VFC seems rather good priced its 420$ (from shipping so i guess its around the price of a PS3 with everything calculated. i'll see later if this is my final decision even though i am aware of the other things i have to purchase.

Thanks again for the Help!
Unfortunetly you will not be able to order an airsoft gun into Canada on your own. As it stands Canada customs treats airsoft guns as prohibited items and will seize any and all items that resemble a firearm.

As it stands the only way to aquire the scar that you are interested in is to either search this wesbites classifieds when you aquire your age verifacation or seek out one of ASC's private retailers with your age verifacation. Its quite possible that one of them would be able to bring in your item. Please note though, that due to the way airsoft is in Canada there will be a considerable price difference due to the cost that retailers have to endure to bring an airsoft gun in.

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