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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
And really, for the same price, you can get BB Bastards .2g that are awesome. So why get .12?

Get some quality .2 or .25 BBs for indoors games. If you want the best range and brush penetration outdoors, run .28. They're a bit more expensive, but worth it.
Yah, and .25g are the same price as .20g, so there really is little reason other than your performance goals to go with a lighter weight BB.

.20gr and .25gr serve DIFFERENT purposes and people miss this point all the time. I drove it home when I was the first dealer to price them exactly the same, and as an airsofter focused on performance, my logic was this: .20g are good indoors or with lower powered guns where the performance curve favors a lighter weight BB. This would be springers, GBBs or AEPs, or AEGs shooting under or at around 320fps. In outdoor circumstances with wind and foliage, .25g makes more sense, even if you lose a little bit in distance in a non-upgraded AEG. And even a mildly upgraded AEG will take advantage of the performance benefits of .25. Go a little further and .28g extends those benefits with additional performance benefits in AEGs designed to take advantage of them.

Beyond that I think you're honestly into the high performance crowd which are largely performance oriented and price insensitive because they use such few BBs that a bag of .30 lasts half a season.

But the .20g and .25g product pricing is such that there is simply no good reason to be using Walmart .12s or soft-air BBs in airsoft AEGs. And when you consider the damage they can do to your hopup or barrel when they fail, you're not saving anything at all.
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