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Originally Posted by phantastik View Post
I'm 19, looking to get age verified, but I need to get something to shoot with before I get age verified so i can actually go to an event with purpouse.... but in order to do business via classifieds i'd have to be age verified.

Catch 22 all over D:

Ideally i'd prefer to move towards bolt action snipers, I know it's a lot of work but i feel like i'm really more cut out for it than anything else. (6 foot 3 thin as hell).

Going to rent and AEG from someone hopefully in order to make it to an event and get age verified etc.

Should i just toss the Well L96 aside and get a new gun, or is this something i can build off of?
Actually, at most events, you'd be able to rent a gun for the day. It's actually prefereable if you show up to an event before buying anything. Then you can get to see the different kinds of guns. And if you ask, most people will be more than happy to let you hold their guns so you can see what you like best and make a more informed decision that way. It's one thing to look at a picture of a gun online. It's a totally different thing to actually hold and shoot it.

And most regular games will have an AV rep present, so you're covered there too.
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