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Really? Price? That's actually laughable. A PTW will do good but those run upwards of $1800.

Anyways a realistic answer would be something from the AV Classifieds section. They can run between $350-900+ depending on what gun/make/extras you get.

A suggested type would either be an AK47 or an AR-15 variant as those are very common and replacement parts are everywhere.

Brandwise: If you want new look at the ones Mach1 and 007 are selling, specifically the G&G and ICS ones. Other brands that are "noob friendly" would probably be CA, and TM.

PROTIP: Take a look at your body size and decide what's right for you. There really isn't too much internal difference between the guns so whatever you think looks the most badass and cool is what you should go for. Are you a puny 5' 5" 130 lbs? Well a smaller gun might do well for you in that case (M4), or are you a large 6'2" football player weighing in at 200+ lbs? A smaller gun isn't going to feel too comfortable in your hands so maybe a full stock M16 might be a better fit.

Sniperwise you'd probably want to take more of a DMR role if you want to get into sniping later, so an SPR (Special Purpose Rifle) might do you well in that case.
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