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Originally Posted by phantastik View Post
Hi, i recently came to aquire a well L96 for free... I know scopes aren't recommended for beginners, but I'm feeling rather brave. Looking to get age verified and start coming out to some events. Any

-Tips for scopes/ is the airsoft rifle I have worth using

-Tips on where to play (I live in Burlington, Ontario- just a little out of toronto)

-Tips on transporting your airsoft rifle if you need to use public transportation (thinking about taking the go-train etc what would you use- proper gun case, guitar case, backpack etc) or am i best of just driving myself to events.
-For the scope, you can get wall-mart scope that build for real steel, and you will like it.
-You can go on the game section and check out your area
-For the transport, as long as you don't expose to public then it's fine to transport with any gun case, guitar case, gun bag and backpack ...etc...anything that keep the gun not to expose to public then it's fine.

Hope it help.

Cheers !

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