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The Blue Madbull is small and "stashable", which is good. I toss it into the kit bag whenever I head out to games/events. Small, lightweight.

Good quality batteries are key....forget the $1 specials. When you get wonky readings, change the battery.

If you don't shoot straight through can chip bbs on the shell (which to it's credit is strong enough and protects the sensors well enough so there's not damage done). The bb chips, dust and fragments muddy up the sensors...but it's really easy to take apart and blow out the junk.

The only times I've had to clean it out have been when I've let groups of other guys chrony their have to shoot straight through it (the opening is 1" in diameter)...not just in the general direction...LOL

Testament to how rugged it is...

I'm not sure that I'd want something larger or with more things on the display. 99.99% of the time, I just want to know the FPS....and that's what it shows.
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