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That Panther DPMS is a rebranded JG, and not the "clone of a clone". I've seen the non-clear version of this gun in action and it's as good as any other JG. The clear version is supposed to be the same gun only with a clear lower.

As for .12, people seem to have an unfounded nasty hate on for them. And in some cases, that's a warranted concern. The BBs are of poor quality, are misshapen, or have a large seam where the 2 halves come together. Those are shit BBs and shouldn't be used as they can damage your hopup rubber and leave nasty residue inside your barrel. However, there are some decent .12s that are fine to run for plinking. However, their light weight and brittle materials make them all but unusable in a game. It's sort of like signing up to race NASCAR when all you have to drive is a Lada. They have poor accuracy at any range beyond 50 feet. And really, for the same price, you can get BB Bastards .2g that are awesome. So why get .12?

Get some quality .2 or .25 BBs for indoors games. If you want the best range and brush penetration outdoors, run .28. They're a bit more expensive, but worth it.

And I have to agree with what others have said. You're never played a real airsoft game, and you're planning on travelling halfway across the continent at great expense to play Canada's largest milsim event. That really doesn't make much sense at all. You should play a few real games locally before BW.

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