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Originally Posted by PaddMadd View Post
My travel costs are covered already, and I have found a online retailer with a cheap JG. In truth, The only kit item I don't own is a high grade gun. I could bring my cheap A17(cheap cybergun M4/M16 hybrid), but it would most likely fall apart on me so I need an upgrade. And like I said, I have been playing airsoft for a few years(although perhaps not at a professional level), and paintballing before that. I am aware of the speed and hecticity that a MILSIM can have, and that even just standing in the wrong place can comprimise not only you, but any teammates around you. I am attempting to get in touch with the local airsoft group here, and I hope to experience the level of more experienced players.

I understand that you are all just trying to make sure that I don't waste my money on going there and end up deciding "fuck this" 10 minutes into the game, and I do apreciate it. However, I would rather have gone and not gotten enjoyment, than not gone and be kicking myself while watching the videos.
cheap JG's online sounds a lot like a US site... I am not saying do not go but this is BW 3 not the first not the last.
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