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Originally Posted by Tex View Post
JG M4 will eat nearly 75% of your budget. not a whole lot left for mags batteries and travel and pesky things like food.
My travel costs are covered already, and I have found a online retailer with a cheap JG. In truth, The only kit item I don't own is a high grade gun. I could bring my cheap A17(cheap cybergun M4/M16 hybrid), but it would most likely fall apart on me so I need an upgrade. And like I said, I have been playing airsoft for a few years(although perhaps not at a professional level), and paintballing before that. I am aware of the speed and hecticity that a MILSIM can have, and that even just standing in the wrong place can comprimise not only you, but any teammates around you. I am attempting to get in touch with the local airsoft group here, and I hope to experience the level of more experienced players.

I understand that you are all just trying to make sure that I don't waste my money on going there and end up deciding "fuck this" 10 minutes into the game, and I do apreciate it. However, I would rather have gone and not gotten enjoyment, than not gone and be kicking myself while watching the videos.
Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
Did he not pay his ASC bill this month?
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